Donated School books.

Mr Charles Tucker Magumba the Ex-Director of Child Celebration Network and Salem International donated 63 copies of books to LINMS from different course units through the scripture union. We appreciate Mr Charles Tucker Magumba. ‘Enter t..

July 2019 Intake.

Hello everyone,our next intake is in July 2019. We urge all those who are interested in studying nursing, midwifery, pharmacy among others to look forward to joining one of the best nursing Institutes in the world with great offers like accomm..

SINDIKA midwives for Africa

Today at our liaison office in Kampala, we got special guests from SINDIKA midwives for Afrika who are Chilean professional midwives working to create a foundation to improve the medical attention of the women during all the stages of her life..

Spacious Lecture rooms.

At Lubega Institute of Nursing and Medical Sciences, we have spacious Lecture rooms for our students. Hence no cramped spaces which helps students pay more attention and understand their material during study sessions.

Equipped skills Laboratory.

LINMS has an adequately equipped skills Lab with all the necessary equipment to help our students in the practical sessions. This helps the students to better apply the learned material in real life scenarios during their practicum and after t..


Great Nursing Study Tips. Nursing programs are notorious for their heavy study loads. New material to learn, critical information to memorize and clinical skills to practice are the norm for the average nursing student. It can be worrisome to ..